“No I work two other part-time jobs too- one of them cleaning houses and the other picking up people’s garbage.”

“Oh so like you’re a garbage woman? You ride around on the back of a truck for the county or something? In a uniform?”

“No no, on my own- I have a few that I go around and pick up their garbage.”

“Oh like private. What in your car?”

“No not in my car you fool- in a truck!”

“Oh so that’s good you work in addition to here for yourself on your own cleaning houses and picking up people’s garbage.”

“Yeh I’m cleaning one house now once a week for that lady over on Riverside- her husband runs the dry cleaner downtown. And I’m picking up people’s garbage. One lady though she hasn’t done paid me going on three months now so I told her she don’t done pay me I’m gonna take her garbage and put it in my truck and back it up to her front door and dump it there.”

“Oh yeh that’s not good her not paying you what with you working this job and cleaning that house too and those other people picking up their garbage and then her. You should be able to just go there and pick up the garbage one, two, three without complications and get paid, no hassles.”

“Yeh it’s twenty-five a month what’s the big deal? I told her I’d pick it up and back up and dump it by her front door.”

“Oh the two of you had words?”

“No last time I left her a note. She read it I saw her. But she’s pregnant again what with her second and she came out on the front stoop- had one of those long parliaments hanging out of her mouth and everything, holding the first in her arms too while she read it. It’s only seventy-five dollars total what’s the problem?”

“Yeh that’s not good she oughta pay you.”

“Yeh on top of everything else, that’s right, I don’t need the complications.”


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