the day that death died
and not only for Christians
but they call it good

friday the day when
jesus died for your sins
he did that they say

but jesus came back
and that’s really the message
that’s how death died see?

oh, gethsemane
after receiving a kiss
a smug betrayal

put through the wringer
and denied three times and more
as he predicted

“no taxes paid to caesar
making himself king,”
pontius pilate said

who doesn’t do that?

king herod probably
he’s laughing on passover
on calvary

oh, gethsemane

friday things are good
because of resurrection
after being dead.


18 thoughts on “GETHSEMANE

  1. This is very good in my humble opinion.

    You have written it so as to be universal I think. Id like to think we are all resurrected in some way, whatever! 🙂

    Not sure what Im talking about, but your words definitely resonated with this mixed up, curious, sceptical yet believing in something soul.

  2. I want to know if the cough at the beginning was deliberate? 😉

    Great work, Pete. I always love to hear you read it at the same time too. 🙂

    • Totally deliberate hah But my first breath wasn’t as big as I would’ve liked. Makes for an awkward first sentence upon my reading but in this case I seemed to wanna forge ahead without aborting 🙂 Thank you for reading Madame Publisher!

  3. This is a great poem, Pete. For me, it’s about eternal life. And, strange thing happened, I just posted a blog titled Gethsemane too. Except, mine has nothing to do with writing a poem, but rather, music.

  4. Best ‘Good Friday’ message I believe I’ve ever read/heard – Plus, I like the rather modern classical illustration, as well as the universal implications. ‘Way to go’!


  5. “Amen I appreciate it. Some days I just have to do it the way the whores do! Shamelessl”….

    that day came and went. you’re still here. old whores never die, they live to advice the virgins. hahaha. i read this piece and the comments…and i laughed heartily.

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