We live in a world
of our own
in a box
sealed up tightly in silence
whilst away
all the time
yet we talk our big game
such a whirl we are having
like it needs to be told
parsing out wishful thinking

It is so often said
that “you can’t take it with you”
but if that’s what you want
why not try a new face?
show it off
float it out
it could well do some good
don’t know why
ever vie
while we live here in silos

In the guise of a dream
formulating a scheme
plotting yet another course
birthing a foolproof plan
where one hand doesn’t know
what the other one does
down your side of the street
different sides the same story
missing piece of the puzzle
for wherever you go
it could well do some good
there you are here in silos

false profundities derided
feigned embellishments asided
fine intentions lived and died
while here in silos we abide.


14 thoughts on “SILOS

      • Cause it’s how you roll. Heh. If you get a chance, I’d like for you to check out my latest poem. It has a tiny bit of a similar theme.

      • DONE. ;As I commented on your blog I wish I saw more of this type of poetry from you. The voice is so honest and sweet and clear and you’re right it is about the silos we live in and how we often just don’t seem to be meshed the way we keep “wishing” to be. Very nice, I hope you don’t mind I put it here too. 🙂


        I wish you knew me,
        and would let me know you.
        I wish you cared about me.
        and would let me care about you.

        I wish you’d call me on occasion
        and ask me about my life,
        if I’m healthy,
        if I’m happy or sad.
        What’s my latest story about?
        What’s my loved one’s latest project?
        I wish I felt like I mattered to you.

        I wish I could hear about your life too.
        What’s your latest project?
        What made you laugh?
        What made you cry?
        I wish you knew
        how much you matter to me.

        I wish I knew the kids,
        and that they knew me.
        Would they like to talk to me,
        and tell me about school,
        about sports, about dance,
        and the names of their friends?
        Do they even know
        that I love them
        and that they can trust me?

        I wish I didn’t fear talking to you,
        because I might get hurt,
        like so many times before.

        I wish for you to be happy,
        instead of stressed.
        I wish for you to understand me,
        instead of judging me.
        I wish for you to be at peace,
        instead of angry.

        I wish our lives were as intertwined
        as our dna.

        I wish I didn’t wish so much,
        that things could change,
        that you could change,
        that we could change together.

  1. Oh, I Like the manner in which you read this poem. Also, I appreciate your inclusion of “Wishing” – (the way I feel about my son), &, “BUOYANCY BY RUMI”.


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