cats and dogs and maybe frogs
it’s raining hard it’s time to slog
away the day can’t work outside
no option but to stay inside
and hide away it’s muddy out
can’t dig the earth there is no doubt
i’m losing pay the weatherman
won’t give me sun don’t understand
why march it won’t cooperate
and fills me with such bile and hate
to make some money would be nice
without bad weather hitting twice
first off it snows the power goes
and then it rains god only knows
it’s sunny out the days i’m off
the days i work i only scoff
i’m ready but the weatherman
he’s just so mean it’s so obscene
a schedule here i try to keep
then have to break feel like a creep
commitments yes and here i sit
it’s not like i don’t give a man
i whine and moan and yes complain
i count my pennies till insane
there is no choice that weatherman
i can’t expect he’d understand
he’s on tv he’s looking fine
he’s quite well paid for all his time
it’s raining frogs and dogs and cats
don’t think i see it weatherman?


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