sometimes the world it seems so tired
in so much muck we get so mired
to greater good we shrug our shoulders
no longer strength to lug more boulders

when life no longer holds that magic
we once believed in oh so tragic
tough and jaded made of stone
we walk the desert all alone

where manners and gentility
have left with our nobillity
civility tranquility
are memories now but soon we’ll see

the yin the yang it well could be
when oftentimes in history
embracing yin the yang will flow
and be back soon like flowers grow.


13 thoughts on “YIN THE YANG

  1. I heard you saying the other day that you weren’t really pleased with this one. I think I might see why, but I honestly think that it’s only problem is that it hasn’t (yet) been set to music. Try singing it, and I think you’ll “hear” it very differently.

    LOVE reading your stuff . . .

    • Thanks buddy this is the one. It’s a bit syllable-heavy so it’s a challenge to read/sing it right. When I do, I like it but when I read/sing it wrong it just pisses me off! ๐Ÿ™‚ I figure if that’s how it goes for me it can’t be any easier for a reader. I also figure if it’s hung around for months and I’ve worked on it for so long I can’t hate it THAT much! Just a challenge.

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