was that chicago?
does anybody really
know what time it is?

do you really care?

it’s seven-thirty
no six-thirty hard to tell
cause we changed the clocks

what does that mean though
and who do we think we are?
where did that hour go?

we lost it somewhere

we mess around with
and modify and change things
to better suit us

well that’s what we think

it may suit someone
so we accept it and roll
with the punches right?


18 thoughts on “ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES

  1. Yes, it does sometimes feel like in order to gain one thing, we have to give something else up. So you’re right. I guess we do roll with the punches. Hadn’t thought of it quite that way, before.

  2. We roll with all sorts of punches don’t we?! Things like fashion. Someone designs something, says its “in” and everyone wears it however ridiculous it looks because they don’t want to feel “out”!

    The particular punch you have just rolled with doesn’t happen here till 21st March. So I will be rolling then 🙂

    • Well at least for you in happens on the first day of spring thereabouts. That makes SOME sense! Going with the flow, taking things in stride. Or TRYING to hah do we really have a choice? 🙂

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