those snow plow people
are no longer in hiding
they’re everywhere

in the gas stations
filling up little trucks
and lots of big ones

professional types

amateurs and pros
anyone with a front blade
that can help people

stuck in the snow who
can’t get out of their driveways
or get down the road

lots of those today

so they’re popular
but not the rest of the time
people don’t care much

but right now they’re king
looked at with awe and respect
and most sought after.


8 thoughts on “SNOW PLOW PEOPLE

    • It happens. And so close to spring! πŸ™‚ Once the power comes back on I’ll be happier haha Where I live it goes off when the wind blows it seems. I feel blessed I have feet that can still walk me to a wi fi spot in the meantime…

      • Yeah, it’s probably that last blast of winter. Losing power’s a drag, though. Especially when it’s cold. Stay warm.

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