you have your own canvas
it’s blank
paint what you like
color your world
no one’s to say
does it matter?

you have your own toolbox
so use it
build what you want
start from the ground up
fix what you fancy
you run the crew

no right way or wrong
there’s only your palette
no this way or that
you have a clean slate

you have your own life
you can live it
and do what you will
without fear or remorse
create what you are
like no other.


9 thoughts on “PALETTE

  1. Love this. We are all unique!

    Ive always loved this song too. But don’t think Ive really ever taken much notice of the words.

    I painted my canvas black for a short while after my diagnosis. But not anymore!! !!! Bring on all the colour and splash my canvas! :)!

  2. I love this poem about paleta.. I´m always love for my own ..paletas I have a lot,, somebody try to bay someone.. but I never sell my paletas they ar a part of my soul. thanks for the poem.

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