the days of the week
i talk about them too much
why do i keep track?

i wonder does god?
do they keep track in heaven?
most likely they don’t

whoever “they” are

the days of the week
a way to tally and mark
and capture the time

yesterday, today
all our days and tomorrow
why even bother?

places to go and
people to meet and many
things to do blah blah

we must be on time

days go by and weeks
and seasons and years go fast
until there’s no need

we don’t have a need

no more need to know
’cause heaven doesn’t have clocks
on the wall to watch.


5 thoughts on “CLOCKS

  1. I used to follow time by school terms when the children were growing up. Now I don’t know if its Christmas or Tuesday! Its nice. Except I have to keep in touch with damn hospital appointments! 😊

    • Christmas or Tuesday, YAY! 🙂 Lately I’ve been busier, and have to write things down YUCK. I don’t like it but that’s life. In general more than most I don’t have to know what time it is. That’s the way I like it. In my former life (well “lives”) I was obsessed.

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