Ice storm and robins
That’s unexpected
They’re making a ruckus
Well for robins that is
As frozen rain hastily drops

I forgot to listen to the weather

They don’t make a sound
Well not with their throats
But they lift and they swoop
Their wings flutter about
Much more than in May
How they will

Well they’re robins

And usually hop
Just looking for worms
And don’t do much flying
Like now

They’re one-dimensional and humdrum
At least that’s what I think
But not at the moment
There are twenty
Maybe fifty
And they’re flying
And they’re landing
On everything it seems

There must be a reason

I mean it’s not nearly spring
With this ice and this cold
But they’re here in the air
And they’re not going high
They can’t with fat bellies
But why are they here?
They’re here then where do they go?


4 thoughts on “ROBINS

  1. Growing up in the Midwest, the only birds I recall seeing were robins and blackbirds, or perhaps the occasional cardinal. The bird sightings there did seem humdrum. Here in Florida the different species of birds seems never-ending. I love spotting them. Hang in there, and stay warm, spring is around the corner. Good for you, bad for me.

    • We have lots of other winter birds, cardinals and chickadees/titmice galore, lots of crows and hawks and vultures. Robins in the spring summer. I don’t really like them but they were funny yesterday in the ice storm and were the only ones out and made noise only cause they were flying around in the quiet. Just the ice. Well yeh I wrote about it haha

  2. Round here, the weather has the robins a bit screwed up and confused I think…strange large “flocks” (they don’t usually flock I think) mixing in with starlings (they don’t usually do that either…)

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