i’m watching cows
they’re up in the pasture on the hillside
puffy white and winter grey clouds WAY above
bare trees beyond
the mountains even further beyond
you can’t see those from here in the summer months

what with the leaves

the cows have their snouts pointed straight into the ground
pointed in the amber straw
that’ll be green grass in a while of course
lush and tasty and good for them
but not now
yet they try

that’s what they do right?

they try and try and try?

brown cows and black cows
the full beige spectrum if there is such a thing
and some rusty colored ones, like burnt orange
in all shapes and sizes
in the summer babies trounce around
there’s nothing more fun

there’s also what i first thought was a solid, white cow
turns out it’s a jackass named Henry
he watches out for them
stands in their midst always
chases the coyotes away
and protects them

that’s what they tell me
doesn’t really sound very much like a jackass task to me

the sun’s warm today for february
it’s over my head
feels like seventy-five degrees
more like fifty-two probably
but this time of year it’s a jolt to the system
in a positive way
got myself out raking this morning and putzing around “in it”
feels good sitting outside here “in it”
just watching cows

have you done it?

i remember the day i first saw Henry on the crest of the hill
cows all around him
he looked funny
i squinted, what kind of cow was this?
a lone white one
an albino?
then i saw it was a jackass

days later my neighbor and I were watching cows and he told me they call that jackass Henry
then we talked about coyotes and other interesting things as people do and sat suspended

watching cows.



7 thoughts on “WATCHING COWS

  1. And what better way to spend a day than watching cows!
    It’s been glorious here too today. I sat outside with my coffee! Didnt have any cows to watch but I watched my dog with his nose to the sky sniffing the sun! 😊

    • I’d have no problem trying! I was sitting outside watching cows and the day was scrumptious. There is a white jackass too and that makes me laugh 🙂

  2. Watching cows can be quite relaxing for some persons – My niece used to come up to my parents’ farm when she was at Purdue – And, that’s what she would do – watch cows.


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