You can’t help who you love
Why you love
Where you love
Or when

It could be anyone
Or anyplace
At anytime
It seems

There’s not a choice in the matter
Your mind starts its chatter
Your heart’s pitter-patter
Can’t explain

You never know why it goes
The way it goes
Love it shows
Goodness knows
Yes indeed.


8 thoughts on “LOVE IT SHOWS

  1. I liked your poem. When I read it, I thought of so many ‘unusual’ couples… they fell in love, it didn’t matter what anyone looked like, where they come from. Beautiful people married ‘ugly’ people… rich people married ‘poor’ people… love is love, no matter what. I liked your poem a lot. Granny Gee/Gloria :)))

      • That was funny! You will meet your right person, if you don’t already have a special someone. :))) I sense you have a fun personality. Remember your poem… ‘it happens just like …that’. :))))))))

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