My sweet old honey
She stole my money
It isn’t funny
Yes she did

My sweet old baby
She left me maybe
And drove me crazy
Yes she did

It’s been so long ago
And it’s done even so
Well I just didn’t know
That she would

Would I do it again?
If I did so what then?
Well she’s gone
And I’m broke
Yes she did.


16 thoughts on “SHE DID

  1. Pete, I am glad to see your posts. I say that because for so long I couldn’t understand ‘why’ I wasn’t getting the posts by email that I wanted to get ..from the blogs I really wanted on my list.

    Last night, I discovered they were all going to my SPAM box. It hurt my feelings so much. :))) I’m so glad to find your blog posts, and all the others I’ve not seen for so long. Now… I know what to keep an eye out for… if any quit coming again.

    Just wanted to say hello, let you know, I’m happy to be following your blog. Granny Gee/Gloria :)))

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