i don’t want to listen to your face
it’s embarrassing
it’s not for you?
you look embarrassed
you sound embarrassed
but mostly
i’m embarrassed
having to listen
and mostly
to try and figure out
what in the hell
you’re talking about

the walls are closing in on me

philoneous cerulean rivers and moons of yesterday that help ease my pain
i have no idea and i simply can’t fathom
what in the world you’re talking about
is this to be taken seriously?
i guess you have to do it
i can hear you breathing here
i mean it goes with the territory right?
what else would you do with yourself
being you call yourself a poet?
and all the other mediocre poets on the planet
want to be moved by your cringe-inducing
never-ending spoken word
and that includes me.


10 thoughts on “SPOKEN WORD

  1. Reminds me of one if the first presentations I ever had to do. I still cringe and it was almost 30 years ago.

    • Poetry readings? That’s cringe-worthy. To me anyway. Hearing myself do them is cringe-worthy enough which is probably the biggest problem, let alone other people haha I’m sure you do just fine at your presentations. 🙂 Anything else I don’t have a problem being up in front of people really.

      • I really enjoyed the recordings you had on your blog of some of your poems. Don’t know if it was you, but I really liked hearing them. So there 🙂 !!

        I am ok with presentations now, but that was my first real biggie. I was terrified. And I was the last of about 25 people who were presenting. To the flipping President of American Express. I was not good. I shook so hard the layouts I was holding were literally flapping. My mouth was dry. Don’t ask. I am still scarred.

      • Biz presentations are another animal and I’ve enjoyed them and fumbled them for sure too. Very nerve-racking and intimidating and physically sickening. 🙂 I bet you’re SLICK!!!

  2. Made me laugh Pete. I go to a few spoken word events and, yes, I’ve encountered this type of character – awful, as you quite rightly say. But I’ve also come across some marvelous readers, who’ve totally inspired me! (I’d never read aloud anything personal though – that’s just icky!)

    • Now why in the world wouldn’t YOU of all people have not read aloud? I don’t like hearing them much as I guess I’ve made clear enough. 🙂 I’d just rather read the poems myself. I’ve read mine a couple of times in front of people and the worst part was waiting through the others and having to LISTEN to them. Sweat and all hehh And then reading MY version of poetry! I would think you’d appreciate this little rant here being we share a somewhat more straight-forward and dare I say “down to earth” communication style. 🙂 Right?

      I do say if people like hearing my stuff I’ll read and try to do it as well as I can anyway. I’ve been “practicing” by recording online and it’s been coming out well enough.

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