How do you soothe your loneliness?
Click on the morning news?
Does that make you feel less alone?

How do you heal your wounded heart?
With the most recently released gadget?
Gotta keep up with the times, right?

How do you forge more deeper connections?
The ones you’ve been longing for, aching and pining for?
Spend even more time searching, sending and selling yourself?

I guess you gotta get out there

Sitting so quietly
Scrolling away
Blowing your mind
And you hope blowing mine
On your own in your space
Without too much to say
Keep staring you’ll get there
It’s all in a day.


18 thoughts on “ALL IN A DAY

      • I think it’s very engaging and does a lot for me no doubt, but really needs to be kept in perspective. I think people use it for instant and ongoing ego gratification and to balm their wounds and ease their strife. Plus they market and whore themselves out to build themselves up. A lot in my writing world for sure. I try my best not to do it haha

      • Which gets to my theory that the online world is just like the real one — the technology finally got easy enough!

      • It would be trippy! I plan on walking in the woods today so I’ll have sufficient withdrawal time. I wish the Norwegian was back today so we could go to dinner before that meeting it’s a day to be outside and away from wires! πŸ™‚

  1. I love putting it all down and walking away, so I do it frequently. Nothing like the silence of a snowy day outside or the sound of a cat purring on your lap or the smell of a kid’s just washed hair as they snuggle up to you. Too many sights, sounds and smells cannot be replicated on screen!

  2. I don’t use my blog anymore, but i receive all of your blogs in my inbox and read every single one and enjoy them all..nicely done! πŸ‘Œ

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