I find myself here wrapped in armor
That’s when I’m near you
And is meant to protect you
From the things I could do
Or the words I would say
But I don’t

That’s to protect me
And allow me to hide
To not show my kinks
Cause I can’t

What’s happened to me since I met you?
I ask myself now every day
Tell me where did my mind go before you?

It’s like anything else
As with us humans go
It’s the fear here that’s leading the charge
Only of your affect
Its effect here on me
And a need to feel safe
To give nothing away
I stand here with you
Wrapped in armor.


7 thoughts on “ARMOR

    • All I read was the “auto-complete” comment and got up to get more coffee and wondered and analyzed what that could possibly mean. hehh Damnable! 🙂

  1. Every time I read something of yours I try to figure out who you are talking about. In this one, you could be talking about everybody and anybody — that’s why I truly love this one.

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