Are you having plumbing problems? Acme’ll send a guy over to root and unclog your pipes. We’ll remove all obstructions and free you up good as new. When’s the last time you had them cleaned out? Feels like forever huh?

I’m sure they could use it.

Has your well run bone dry? Acme’ll send a guy over to get things flowing good. You seem more than willing. It appears you are desperate. We’re the ones for the job! And our guy won’t leave without drilling down way deep inside.

The cost’ll be worth it and you’ll be good for a while. Or ask about our cost-savings home protection plan! You get four visits a year and Acme’ll send a guy over to give you a vigorous, thorough and comprehensive servicing. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Like we say here at Acme: We come, you smile.

Note: on-call package extra.



3 thoughts on “ACME PLUMBLING

  1. Can’t believe your timing. In their wisdom (not) I was just informed they’d like to replace my heat coil or something. It means that in the dead of winter, sub-zero temperatures I will have no heat all day.

    No this is not an emergency.

    This repair is so that my air conditioning will work better next summer.

    Yes, I know the right time to do work of this kind is either spring or fall before heat or air conditiining is required.


    Maybe Acme could knock some sense into them. Sorry to let off steam in your comment box. Little did you know your post would have this kind of impact 🙂

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