Things’d be different if you believed in God
They would if you thought you were here for a reason
Maybe with God you would feel things were beautiful
Your life had some meaning
All you do really matters

Things’d be different if you knew the purpose
For all that you do and you say when you see
The friends and the lovers you meet in this lifetime
Believing in God
Things’d be different

Be it Yahweh or Jesus or Buddha
The Moon
The Goddess of Night
Or the Sun
Muhammad or Brahma
Whatever you choose
Having faith in some God
Be it any old God
Giving meaning
Even Shopping
Just believing
Things’d be different
Who’s to say?


29 thoughts on “THINGS’D BE DIFFERENT

  1. I like your Friends responses & agree with them. Sometimes I’m tempted to question whether I’m ‘rationalizing’ when I want to believe my Life has Meaning, however, I’m a lot ‘happier’ when I’m able to ‘think positively’!


    • powerhouse ending powerhouse ending hmm. I wasn’t feeling particularly powerhouse here at all:) Just simple. And favourites with a sexy u inserted? Okay that makes me look at it differently considering it didn’t really do much for me at all. So that’s good dude, thx. Made me look at it differently.

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