Don’t try to make me into something I’m not
I will fight you every step of the way
I am rambunctious and restless
And defiant and determined
To do it my way
And no other
It’s true.

Don’t try to define me and figure me out
The instant you think that you have
I’ll already be light years away
Long gone down the road
You’ll see my back
A changed man
For sure.

Don’t get me wrong as it’s not without love
But a lack of desire to simply stand still
And to settle for staid sober and stiff
That’s drab, too predictable
You’ll see my back
It won’t be me
No way.


13 thoughts on “SEE MY BACK

  1. All of which makes you ‘you’. Gotta say, I’m pretty rambunctious and defiant myself. Totally get this.

  2. Reminds me of a fact which I try to be mindful of at all times — We all change so constantly that we could not be the “same” person from one moment to the next even if we wanted to be. Who would want to be anyway?
    Well said sir.

      • Hmm.. We are grown up learning to understand other’s individualism and personal independence but we do not notice when we ourselves become a victim of it. We should appreciate others and offer personal space but we must also learn to take our stand for self-reliance and independence. Even if it makes people say that we have changed.

      • Absolutely. And seek out and surround ourselves with people who also understand that life is moving and fluid and appreciate that in us and in themselves too. We don’t want to be stagnant or pulled down.

        Very insightful comments of yours no doubt.

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