for some the world is black and white
where everything is logical
across the land they trust a way
philosophy that’s practical
it’s step-by-step, connect the dots
a full proof method tried and true
follow the rules and soon you’ll see
and master oh most anything

linear linear
start one two three sequentially
an evidence-based
well-oiled machine
arrange your mind
and smart you’ll be

for some it’s touches, shades of gray
the process more unorthodox
they turn the world up on its end
imagination runs amok
the handbook out the window goes
the rules are bent so whimsically
the lines they’re blurry squiggly so
color outside then color more

lateral lateral
don’t use your left brain use your right
the goal to be bold
forge new ideas
with all your might

conundrums don’t we love to have
you do it your way who’s to say
which way is better? i don’t care
choose your own brand of savoire faire
you could go linear that’s just fine
or lateral if so inclined
there’s no wrong way or right way here
but if you’re asking
then it’s clear

it’s linear or lateral
no need to foot collateral
we’ve got no time to disappoint
and work to do which is my point.


10 thoughts on “LINEAR LATERAL

  1. Just in case you’re wondering, I’ll be “turning the world up on its end” :). Or at least I’ll be trying my best to do so.

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