I had a dream about you last night. That’s not unusual. I’ve told you about those times when I’ve dreamt of you in the past- the odd plot lines or humorous circumstances where your face has shown up or your presence was made known.  Funny how in life it seems about anyone or anything can wind up in our dreams isn’t it? Like the rude waitress that served you breakfast this morning in that nondescript greasy spoon you frequent on the way to work, or a song you haven’t heard since high school, or some random person in the grocery store taking way too long to pick out a breakfast cereal, or the president being wishy-washy about something you think is so cut and dry. Could be anything really, dreams have that way about them. Do they mean anything? They’re forever mystifying and it seems fruitless to try to interpret them. But last night I dreamt of you again and I want you to know.

I’m not embarrassed about it in the least.

I dreamt you were dead and I was crying from the news. Apparently I had just found out about it. That was the idea although I’m not sure if that was the exact situation. It wasn’t like anyone was around in the dream that to tell me. I was walking down a lonely road and wailing at the top of my lungs. Does that sound bad? Quite rightly it does sound like an overall bad and devastating thought. Who likes when someone they care about  is gone from the world forever? But in this case in the dream the wailing was the happiest of occasions. While I walked and I wailed my only desire was to wail even harder and to scream till I was hoarse. I wanted to throw myself over the side of the road and down the hillside.

With joy.

Because of all you’ve done for me and don’t even know it.  Not anything concrete nor anything I can cite. It’s just the knowing you. In our world today where it’s a challenge to have faith in or believe in anything, it’s because of you I believe in everything. I’m happy to tell you about it but don’t expect you understand.

Nor should you.


                                               By Ross Muir


6 thoughts on “WAILING

    • No doubt. When you care about and love someone enough that you see the goodness and beauty of life in them, it makes it all worth it. Thanks for reading and your thoughts. 🙂

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