Holy damn and what the hell
Did someone crack the liberty bell?
The world today just yanks my chain
Here in my ass there is a pain
Those bitches bastards pricks and more
And dull cocksuckers know the score

You go to sleep wake up again
Are forced to hear from mouths of men
Such language once it did offend
It never was a winning trend
Our mouths would get washed out with soap
Our mothers only way to cope
With vulgar gutter vitriol
That shit a stench and rotten smell
The discourse now is oh so lame
Plus really lazy all the same

A simple lowbrow dumb ass game
That offers not a claim to fame
I’ll say it once and maybe twice
This vitriol it just ain’t nice
Why be a cunt when you just could
Start using English like you should?
So mother fucker and god damn
Your words stink worse than bad toe jam.


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