I have terrible earworm.  You remember they talked about that on the radio last week?  That’s when something pops into your brain like a hit song from years ago that you haven’t heard in like forever and you can’t get it off your mind. The guy on the radio used the example for him of My Sharona. And once he started talking about that song it stayed with me till like Thursday.

My my my my my Sharona.

But at the moment I have terrible earworm from the song Rainbow Connection, from the Muppet Movie. You remember that one?  I don’t know if you saw the movie or not and although they are Muppets yes, and it is a Sesame Street thing, the song was Oscar nominated so it’s not total drivel.

And it’s nice besides.

Just like you. That for the earworm. I’ve always known the song but never paid it much mind. Then you smiled and told me how much you love it. And the expression on your face at the time was sweeter than anything I’ve seen. So since then and unbeknownst to you, I launched into listening to it must be several hundred times. It seems like it anyway. And many different versions and interpretations.  Do you know how many there are? And I’ll tell you what: the lyrics are almost more beautiful than anything I’ve heard.

“What’s so amazing that keeps us star gazing?”

I was up early this morning and as one is known to do in the wee hours, I paced around in the dark, wandering around aimlessly in my socks, the ultimate fate of mankind on my mind. I happened upon the hall closet and stopped short.  I opened the door and flipped on the overhead light, illuminating my DVD collection, scanning the titles.  I thought of your face as I read each one. Which would you like?

Which would make you smile like the Rainbow Connection?

I’m hoping to run into you later today. Well it could happen. I’d love to find something around here to hand to you. Or maybe I can pick something up along the way. I have a burning desire to give you some mother fucking earworm.


14 thoughts on “EARWORM

  1. I especially love Willie Nelson’s version . . . it’s the one that made me realize that this isn’t just a cute Muppet moment but a really lovely song.

    And this piece is such a sweet love song of its own. Until the last line,though. I found it kind of jarring. Do you see that too? (Is it just me?) And if you do, was it intentional? (Can’t imagine not.) So what were you going for?

    • The song is wonderfully syrupy sweet. I like Moving Right Along from the movie. It’s one of my anthems! hah

      I think the deal here is for him the earworm is way wrapped up in the sweetness of the person he’s pining for. This guy here is all muppets all the time thinking about and enamored by his thinking of the smile.

      If we can do Stand By Me as a hymn in church we can do Rainbow Connection 🙂

  2. Great, now I’ve got earworm too. 😉 Ahh, well, I haven’t heard Rainbow Connection in a while, and it’s a nice one to sing in my head for a bit. Thanks for the smile this morning, Pete.

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