sixty-six more days
that’s how many it is now
days till spring that is

i’m counting them down

i usually do
every year around this time
so i’m starting now

but now only comes once right?

i mean this moment
when there’s sixty-six more days
till it’s finally here?

spring twenty-thirteen

sixty-five more days
that’s counting from tomorrow
then spring comes again.


5 thoughts on “NOW ONLY COMES ONCE

  1. LOVE this!

    Sorry havent commented lately. First Christmas got in the way then visits to the hospital to get a new hand splint. Not as easy as it sounds when the person making it could!nt, make it that is. Sheesh, three visits in three days and I still cant wear it. Screaming point could easily be arrived at today 🙂 still smiling though.

    Love the picture here too. I’m counting with you, 64 tomorrow?


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