So plaintive
And pensive and prudent
I love you I do
Always have always will
Ever since we first met
Every day
Without let up

Since before that

Why so quiet scaramouche?
That since your last burlesque
Can you help always being so cringeworthy?

All the putting on of airs
Of your farce I’m perplexed
But for caution scaramouche
That you’re skittish?

And are crestfallen now
With your ass in a sling
I can’t help love you still
I can’t help it it’s true
Always was always will be
Knew it then know it now

This despite me

Tell me why a charade?
You’re so funny scaramouche
But so clumsy uneasy
I can see why you’re small

Getting smaller

With your ass in a sling
Seems the curtain’s come down
What a crime scaramouche
There’s no encore

But I’ve put in my time
And can’t watch anymore
I won’t stomach fandango
And the show’s gotten old
See my clock has run out
Though for you there’s still time
I don’t know if it’s true
But they say time does wound
Wounds all heels.


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