they’re calling for a blizzard
and the snow’s not gonna stop
the winter’s reared its ugly head
there’s so much more to drop
i think we may be better off
just heading on down south
a place where summer never ends
pacific ocean’s mouth

baja california
is the place we oughta be
cabo de san lucas
is the place waiting for me
the weather’s hot
there’s surf and sand
enough to warm my soul
in cabo we can disengage
get life under control

cabo, cabo, cabo!

in cabo you don’t need a coat
you never feel a chill
there is no need to use the heat
and pay that hefty bill
the seafood’s fresh right from the sea
tequila’s everywhere
the people dress so scantily
it almost isn’t fair

nortena music in cafes
we’ll dance the night away
the people smile most all the time
cause everything’s okay
in cabo you’ll forget it’s cold
with winter oh so far
is it because
there is no need
for us to scrape the car?

cabo, cabo, cabo!


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