i’ve had enough of fa-la-la-ing
decking halls and ha-ha-ha-ing
tissing seasons
being jolly
trimming trees
and boughs of holly

eggnog, cookies
cakes galore
enough to make me
hurl and more
tell santa i’ve been good i swear
i really hope that he’ll be fair

so strike the harp
by gosh by golly
i’ve had enough of
being jolly
the old year passes and the new
before you know it so do you.
fa la la no border


14 thoughts on “BEING JOLLY

  1. I know there’s something wrong with me when I find your light poem ending in a very dark place. That last line shouldn’t have made me laugh, but it did. Have a good one, Pete.

  2. this was culled from my brain,i swear. hahaha. i was reading all last night, and everyone was writing about christmas. after 2 hours, i almost went… ‘guys, com’on!’ hahaha. nicely done Pete. slaute

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