at the foggy center of my mind
i have a fuzzy picture of you
it’s been so long you’d expect it be clear?
i remember the outline of you
and certainly the essence of you
like when you walked into the room
or when you were speaking
the sound of your voice
the inflection and urgency
and emotion behind it

that i remember

much more than the actual details
or particulars of what you look like
it’s not that i forgot
do you think that I could?
it’s not that i don’t care
i care more than you ever could know
and it’s not that i think you don’t look good
that’s so far from reality as to be laughable
believe me

and happens to not be the point here

and not what had the most impact
or what left the sharpest impression
that was the very essence of you
like when the foggy center of my mind
sees that fuzzy picture of you
and my eyes squint to see better
where i block out the present
and make everything stand still
that’s when i have no problem
feeling exactly the way that you felt.


By Scott Dill


10 thoughts on “ESSENCE OF YOU

  1. I can’t think of a more meaningful, more loving way to be remembered. This is really beautiful.

  2. I like this. It describes how the memory fades things, but there is a way to bring it back to the forefront if we give the silence a chance. Thanks, and Merry Christmas, Pete.

  3. This morning somehow the picture featured in the poem and the words came to my mind. Since then I wanted to reread the poem. I feel the poem has has done something to me. Right now I can’t express what it is. But after I gain clarity, I surely will share with you. Thanks for this beautiful poem.

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