as the sun comes up
it doesn’t cease to shine on
all the confusion

as the rain falls down
it doesn’t distinguish good
or bad or ugly

it just does

as night follows day
it does for everyone and
always will it seems

for the poor the rich
the right the wrong the pure and
evil among us

for everyone here
for you me and for them too
the rest is random.


Felix Clay- The Rain Room


5 thoughts on “RANDOM

  1. So true. Not something I’d ever thought about before. There are times we’re all the same, all equal. Experiencing the exact same thing. And then we part company again. Become ourselves and go in whatever direction we’re going in. Love this.

    • A once a very good atheistic and nihilistic friend, ot that there’s anything wrong with that, who was convinced that that everything was truly random and meaningless. I disagree, although at times I’m sympathetic to the view. 🙂

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