The poor you will have
Does that mean we don’t help?
And we’ll always have murder
Does that mean sell more guns?
Too much lying there’ll be
Does that mean we’re not liable?
There will always be war
Does that mean to shoot first?
And the sick will be sick
So to hell with our health?
The lame we can shun
Won’t they always be lame?
Is the planet forever?
Tear it up, make a buck
Can we heal on our own?
Do you think that we can?
When we don’t want to be a good steward?


5 thoughts on “GOOD STEWARD

  1. How right you are. We can’t keep ignoring what’s right in front of us, we can’t keep turning the other cheek. We haven’t been very good stewards at all, have we? We can’t just blame the politicians for our problems. Everyone needs to look into the ‘mirror’ you have just posted.

      • I’m hoping they’re beginning to. I think this weekend’s events in Connecticut may turn out to be a catalyst. Yeah, I know. I’m an idealist.

  2. What you so aptly describe is hope. Every act we commit to help our fellow humans, our planet – it is an act of hope. Emotions are pointless without action. We have to remember it can be the smallest kindnesses that make the biggest differences, because collectively, we can make this world better. Thanks, Pete, for the reminder to never stop trying.

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