Tell me it’ll be okay
Tell me it’s a bad dream
And I’m gonna wake up
Tell me the day will be filled with peace
And harmony and sunshine
Can you tell me that?

I know that you can’t

It’s always the same
Then it’s more of the same
We go on as we do
Are indignant and bludgeoned
By all that we see
All the horror and pain
Yet we sit idly by
And talk til we’re blue

In the face

Can you tell me why?
What else needs to be done?
Tell me why are we stuck in a rut?
Well aren’t we?

Wouldn’t you say we’re in a rut?

Tell me other than talking
What else are we doing?
It’s more status quo
Being scared to offend
So we keep to ourselves
Behind our closed doors
And keep stuffing our faces
To distract us from living
The way that we’re meant to
At least that’s what I see

Where life has some meaning
And isn’t disposable
Like that iPhone you bought
Which you rushed to replace
When the new one came out
Cause you thought you had better
Have somewhere to go
That’s not here.


16 thoughts on “SOMEWHERE TO GO

  1. As always, a powerful, thought-provoking, heart felt post. It does seem like we’re stuck, doesn’t it. And I must admit, after yesterday’s news, even I feel hopeless. And I’m the eternal optimist. What the fuck is it going to take?

    • I’m definitely an optimist as well and do okay most of the time although I plead with God every day 🙂 It’s maddening how we’ve collectively become really on so many fronts. Thanks for reading I appreciate your kind words AND your profanity! hah

      • I usually try to behave here, in the blogosphere, but really, I have just so had it with all this senseless violence. Why are we all so afraid to tackle the NRA, health care, mental health care and all the other major issues that are stopping us from reaching our true potential — as individuals and as countries? It really is time for a HUGE march on Washington. If not personally then virtually. We need a worldwide movement to rid ourselves of this nightmare. Sorry for the rant and the cussing.

  2. I like your “…pleading with God…”, &, in you, as you live your life, I see answers.


  3. That final part about the iphone amused me. Man. Technology has really had this significant effect on our relationships don’t you think? Like that whole idea of “oh I’ll just update my fb status to tell the world who I’m hanging out with right now” rather than just enjoying hanging out with your mates…

    Great work, as always. Love the questions throughout the poem.

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