Let’s go take a walk outside
I know it’s cold but we can’t hide
Inside for long this ain’t no trick
Got cabin fever
Makes me sick

The calendar November’s through
December’s here I’m telling you
You’re helpless and start feeling blue
When cabin fever
Strikes you too

Cabin fever oh so bad
Cabin fever makes me sad
It’s hot in here
Too cold outside
Got cabin fever
Run and hide

The sun will shine from three to four
It won’t give up not anymore
Daylight for naught
For months ya see?
This cabin fever’s
Killing me!

Cabin fever oh so bad
Cabin fever makes me sad
It’s hot inside
Too cold out there
And cabin fever’s
In the air.


11 thoughts on “CABIN FEVER

  1. God, do I ever relate to this. I hate the winter. Hate the cold. Hate the short days. It makes me want to hibernate, and often I do. You’ve read my mind today.

    • In an ideal world I would live in the northern hemisphere for spring and summer and Buenos Aires for THEIR spring and summer! πŸ™‚ The world is tilted the wrong way for me right now haha

      • Sounds perfect. Why BA? Are you into tango? A friend of mine is. She’s been there dozens of times. She loves it there, aside from the dancing. I love the look of the city. I enjoy photography so I know I’d be happy there. It is definitely on my list of must-sees.

      • My mom and grandparents lived there before coming to the US and I think culturally I would love it’s diversity and people. And I know I would love the climate and topography. πŸ™‚ During our winter months that is haha

      • Ahh you have roots there. Lucky you. My roots are all in cold climates. Guess i’ll have to put down my own roots somewhere warm. Repot myself in warmer soil πŸ™‚

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