There are people in my life I find fascinating.
They may know I find them fascinating
They may think it’s right I find them fascinating
They may even be fascinated I find them fascinating
The whole to and fro and ebb and flow and rock and roll is downright fascinating!

Stop yawning

And it may be the case that it’s always been the case
Of an instant attraction
And magnetic situation
Once the ball started rolling, that is.

Or maybe ย the opposite
Where it started slowly and unassumingly
But once it did it became interesting
When the fascination set in

As I mentioned

Fascination in our midst
And between us it’s nice
To engage like a fucking
In a matter of speaking
Now why the hell bring that up?
Cause it’s subtle
And mysterious
And it’s nuanced
And melodic
It’s back and forth
And between us
And inside us, for sure
Fascination that’s what
And I can’t help but marvel
And wonder how come.


3 thoughts on “FASCINATION

  1. I am well thanks Pete. Busy wrapping christmas presents, something I really enjoy, particularly this year as I am wrapping my book to give to family!! Some of them have no idea I started writing poetry! Lol Cant wait ๐Ÿ™‚

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