you could come take a nap
then a hot shower too
and of course i will make you a meal
take some time to relax
but i’m sorry i can’t
really do more beyond all of that
the rest you can do for yourself

we could go have some fun
take a ride around town
see some sights and then take in a film
meet some folks that we know
but see that will be that
beyond that i can’t do very much
for the rest you must go it alone

it’s so good to catch up
and i’m happy to know
that although lately times have been tough
that you’ve made it this far
and have still got your wits
i’m so glad that i could lend a hand

i’ll give you a smoke
a few bucks but not more
there’s just so much i can do that will help
you’ve got your life to live
and you see i’ve got mine
go with God
can I get an amen?

oh it’s raining outside
hurry up there’s your ride
i’ve done all that i could
maybe more than i should
see the rest now is all up to you.lendahand


72 thoughts on “LEND A HAND

  1. Your protagonist seems to feel a certain ambivalence here. Sometimes I yearn for the days – if they ever really existed – where life was simpler. The line between charity and love has grown hazy and we are less generous with our hearts. I always enjoy seeing how you look at things. 🙂

  2. We can’t do enough for people, certainly not everything they often need. They need to know it and we need to remember it or our helping will be a hindrance and disappointment all around. Thanks for reading!

  3. Reality’s not always pretty. But we’re stuck with it. And something is way better than nothing. And that’s the truth, too.

  4. where resources meet desire. a hand is a nice resource. I often say this… if someone tripped in front of you, would you step on past or would you stop to reach your hand out to help them up?

      • I have been okay, cant complain. Trying to maintain… That wasn’t intended to rhyme. Hehe..How have you been? I do need to get back to reading your blog. I don’t know if its just me or it looks somehow different from the last time I was here. Anywho.. Stay Awesome!

        Peace and Love.

      • I know the “maintain” thing and yes, nice rhymin there! haha I changed the blog layout a LONG while ago, maybe you haven’t been here in that long? Again, nice seeing you around and keep your chin up bro.

  5. Gently and beautifully said, and something I needed to hear…we do have ‘go with God’ and make our own lives…and when folks are struggling it’s not easy to be the one to back off…but they’ll be the stronger for it. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Yes, which is exactly what prompted this. It’s hard to draw the line on what is helpful and what’s not. Especially when we care about someone.

      You’re welcome- thank you for reading and commenting! 🙂

  6. Thanks for this poem. It was a good reminder that we can only do so much. In the end a person needs to live their own life, we can’t live it for them as well, but we can be that helping hand that pulls them up enough for them to take their own steps and be there to support them, just as they’d one day be there to support us.

    • Agreed. Sometimes it’s hard to keep those boundaries and know when enough is enough. And sometimes it’s hard not to turn on ourselves too if we’re the ones helping,wishing we could fix everything. We can’t. Appreciate your insight. 🙂

    • Thanks Nathalie, being it sounds like a show tune in my head it was fun to write haha 🙂 A spirit of encouragement and affirmation oughta be the way we walk around. Thanks for your comments! 🙂

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