“You sir, are an articulate and sincere advocate for your position, but of course I am diametrically opposed. Thank you for stating your case, I do appreciate you clarifying your talking points. But in this day and age, I doubt you’ll reign supreme. The numbers are evidence of what the American people want. The demographics are against you.”

“Oh you’re nothing but a gosh-darned socialist and bleedin-heart liberal. Who are you to say a fetus ain’t entitled to property rights? It’s natural law I tell ya! You people are always trying to mess with God. It’s like y’all are on some kind of mission. Abort, abort, abort!”

“Again, thank you sir. I do understand that many people out there think like you, and I can’t say I’m not worried. You’ve so eloquently communicated the facts as you and those who think like you see them. An ongoing and civil discourse and meeting of the minds in an attempt to heal the American community is in order. A meeting in the middle. A détente so to speak.”

“Oh détente here we go. All you people with your fancy European words, where do you think you are, France? Trying to implement your European-style socialism, it’s Unamerican! Nancy Pelosi and her unions and Planned Parenthood and the New York Times and those civil rights people wanting to indoctrinate our children with your Godless welfare-state, anti-capitalist, anti-freedom loving and dependency-encouraging ways and fooling with our women’s bodies with your big-government doctors’ labs, poking and prodding and tearing apart what’s holy and killing our religion and trying to take away our money for hand-outs and our guns too. People work hard in this country you know, they’re patriots. Individualism that’s what we’re about! Not your phony collectivism, détente, throwing around them words. Terrorists running around all over the place. Everybody marrying up with anything. What are you, some kind of Frenchman?”

“No sir, I’m not. If you must know, I’m from South Bend.”


15 thoughts on “FROM SOUTH BEND

  1. South Bend, INDIANA – Ah, when I lived in the area, it was home of the Studebaker car! I appreciate that you’ve now made it much more Enlightened – Thank you, (I think!).


      • All good Pete. Busy busy times but I finally hammered something out yesterday. I think it’s amazing how often you post, the fact that you have the inspiration and the time. I seldom get either but if I go too long without, I generally feel like clawing my eyes out.

        Anyway, yeah, a scaredy cat for sure.

      • I try to post once or twice a day if I can. I’ve been a little slow cause I’m waiting for my favorite people to catch up on what I’ve posted (like you ass!) j/k I have the inspiration but often not the time. I’ve been recording myself that’s been taking up some attention. 🙂 It’s been too quiet all around this blogosphere lately, where is everyone bud?

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