Of you I am curious
With restrained fascination

I am utterly enchanted
You’re unorthodox and peculiar

And idiosyncratic
Neither logic or reason

Could explain how you tick
Or account for your ways

You’re off-color, atypical
And a breath of fresh air

In a world where it stinks
And it’s stale, hard to breathe

My fire is kindled
And my senses are muddled

“I am humbled,” I mumbled,
And bumbled for sure.

I am helplessly imprisoned
I am caught and ensnared

For this I am flummoxed
In shackles I am chained

Your enticing eccentricities
And uncompromised singularities

Leave me only beholden
For you simply amaze.


18 thoughts on “SHACKLES

  1. I would ask about your muse Pete but a) I hate the word and the concept and b) doubt you have one, and in typical fashion this comes from depths of the imagination. Sounds so real though, so well done.

    • I don’t hate the word at all actually I could go on and on about it and think about it constantly. 🙂 Of course I have one, it’s not a person place or thing it’s spiritual really, at least that’s how I see it. Regarding this piece I fall in love at the drop of a hat, every day and all the time. It’s never hard for me to write about this subject matter at all. 🙂 The blessing and curse of being an island I guess.

      • Interesting. I can’t identify a muse per se. But I like the idea of a spiritual muse, I’ll think on that. Falling in love all the time, that is a wonderful concept.

      • Well your muse is a part of you I’d think. And yes in love all the time a real blessing but more of a curse probably, in my case anyway. I’m hardening as time goes by (figuratively speaking of course).

  2. Excellent! I so enjoy a poet who leaves one wanting more, and yet allows them to read between the lines…therefore drawing their own conclusions…Bravo!

  3. “Your enticing eccentricities
    And uncompromised singularities”

    You are truly a wordsmith of great skill and imagination!

      • I like saying it. I like the way it trips off my tongue in a seductive series of sinuosities! I sincerely love words and what you can do with them.

      • I’ve read it out loud a few times and when I can do it “successfully” it sounds very good haha It ain’t that easy! 🙂 Thanks again life is always nicer when you’re around have you been doing any new writing/posting on your blog? How is Expats going?

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