We pass in the night
As they say ships do
Quickly and briefly
Both charting different courses
Our conversations are fast
And they’re short
Way too harried
There’s not enough time
In the world anymore

Is how it seems

I miss you it’s true
And yes I’m being sappy
There’s just too much to cover
As we pass in the hallway
Because so much has happened
Both to me and to you
Catching up in a nutshell
As I give you the crib notes
And you hurry through highlights

On our way to somewhere else

So we ought to sit down soon
For some leisurely time
For some slow time
Kick back time
As we can hear each other out
We have always been mirrors
For each other to see into
So we oughta do it soon
Before it all gets away.


16 thoughts on “CRIB NOTES

  1. This is lovely. And so true. We get into such bad habits and allow ourselves to lose touch with people who are important to us. And we excuse it because we tell ourselves we’re busy. And then one day we lose each other and wonder why. Thanks for this. It’s a good reminder.

    • Thanks. I saw a friend last night I haven’t seen for a while and we talked for like a half hour and went our separate ways and I realized how much we didn’t talk about.

      • I know. It happens to me too. And having access to email doesn’t help. It trains us to just communicate in ‘crib notes’. And it encourages us to believe that we’re keeping in touch. And we settle for that. But really, we might as well not bother. Because it tells nothing significant about each other. Just that we’re regularly checking our email. Less and less human contact.

  2. What a Great Way to express these sentiments – Not at all ‘Sappy’, I think, but, ‘Too True Too Often’. To your last line, “May It Be So”!


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