Whoever said that a door nail is dead?
And what makes a clam so damn happy?
Whatever happened to make the hatter so mad?
Are the monkeys in the barrel having fun?
Who are the ones who first uttered such things?
And why do we all keep repeating them?
Like who knows with certainty that hell hath no fury?
And would anyone know if it didn’t?

We’re all in the red
And it’s true up the creek
I saw a man about a dog
He’s a Jekyll and Hyde
Broke the bank
Break the ice
Cause the buck it stops here
Smell a rat
Lamb to slaughter
And why not?

Mum’s the word
Tell your mother
Cut and dry
Cut and run
No man’s land
No holds barred
Uncle Sam
Uncle Tom
Cause an elephant never forgets
It’s the unvarnished truth
So eat your heart out
Then turn over a new leaf.

Sprout Growing From the Earth — Image by Β© Royalty-Free/Corbis


10 thoughts on “NEW LEAF

  1. Now this is top drawer!

    (I think this comes from the Victorians keeping their most valuable things in the top drawer) loll, not sure πŸ™‚ but tihis is top draw anyway! πŸ™‚

  2. I was thinking about the literal meaning of the expressions you included and got completely grossed out about “eat your heart out”. I’ve been mucking about on the dark side of my novel too long! Might need to go out and grab some of that cold sun we have here today, just to shake it. Nice work, Pete.

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