tryptophan it stupefies
and sugar it intensifies
more buttered rolls can’t justify

a bellyache so intense you know the only relief would be an ambulance to the emergency room for a good old-fashioned stomach pumping!


eat and eat then eat some more
there’s hours then we’re out the door
starving in china that’s the score
my parents told me tales of lore

“eat your food there are children starving in china!”

sweet potato casserole
cranberry sauce here have a bowl
those mashed potatoes take a toll
but prilosec will ease your soul

“if you don’t eat your meat you can’t have any pudding!”

shop til you drop is how we go
the stores are waiting don’t you know
twenty-four-seven prices low
just use your plastic you can owe

“black friday must have products, opening at eight pm on thursday!”

eat and eat there’s too much food
you can’t say no cause that looks rude
so stuff your face don’t ruin the mood
lest anyone think that you’re crude

“don’t you want some gravy on that corn bread stuffing?”

starving in china must be true
did you hear that?
did they tell you?
to eat more food appreciate
all that you have
and what you ate?


13 thoughts on “STARVING IN CHINA

  1. “Counter Think” – What a great concept, & the cartoonist illustrated it well, as did your writing!!!


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