You say that you love me
But you want it both ways
I don’t see any effort
So I scramble for days

To please and to placate
As you sit there and wait
For me to do something
While you fret and complain

That I don’t do enough
You ask me to explain
What I’m doing without you
Why I’m causing you pain

Do you think I’m here idle
With just time on my hands?
And should show up at random
And meet all your demands?

Think about what you’re doing
Well about what you’re not
How you might meet me halfway
Cause right here there’s a spot

They say action speaks louder
Or your lack of I mean
It’s apparent I’ve spoiled you
So it’s time to come clean

Never meet in the middle
Never halfway I’m sore
And I’m tired and sorry
I can’t help anymore.


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