don’t tell the neighbors
your world’s falling apart
you call them good friends
but you best keep your secrets
they like you and know you or
think that they do
you don’t want to spoil it
by being yourself
so just keep on smiling and
telling your lies
well not telling lies but
finessing your small talk
not what’s happening for real
as it all tumbles down
don’t they have a key?
they’re good neighbors
that’s a blessing
it’s nice that you have them
and you wouldn’t want to ruin it
with them getting to know you
close the door
draw the shades
good neighbors are rare
and that’s something to cherish
so you best keep your distance
give a wave and smile big
they’re good neighbors
that’s a blessing
and you wouldn’t want to change that
by letting them in
close the door
draw the shades.


5 thoughts on “GOOD NEIGHBORS

  1. Wow. I totally know how this person (is it you?) feels. But strongly suggest that this persons stops worrying about what others think. Everyone is different and everyone should accept that. If people don’t like me, their loss.

    • Hell no it ain’t me! haha But it is based on someone I know, who was proceeding to tell me all her tales of woe, while telling me about her awesome neighbors across the street (we were sitting on her porch). Then she told me if I ever saw them “not to tell them”. Number one, why would I? And number two that’s weird haha 🙂

  2. OMG this is true! I have good neighbours, I am blessed. But when they ask me how I am I say Im fine. Sonetimes this is true but often it isnt. Then I wonder why no one calls to see how Im doing – its because they know Im fine!! Lol

  3. Oh, Pete – So often, for such a Long time, I feel as tho that’s what I’ve done – Been a ‘Good Neighbor’, when Who Knows, (probably most of the time, I Certainly Didn’t myself know!), What’s truly goin’ on with me. A most  provocative piece – Thanx for ‘exposing’ yourself!, thus helping us/ME! assess ‘relationships’. 


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