It’s not easy being cerebral
So sober but lofty
My head in the clouds
It’s hard going being ironic
And clever but caustic
And witty to boot

That’s if you get it

There’s not much to get
Unless you can daydream
Think big without prejudice
See the world through new eyes
Fend off those presumptions
Suspend your belief
Cause objects in mirror are
Closer than they appear

Most of the time

So heady
And witty to boot
Too lucid
And prudent
A big ole crapshoot
But stoic
And sane to a tee
Tread lightly
There’s more than you see.


4 thoughts on “CEREBRAL

  1. What a great rhythm this has, Pete, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Love the way the stanzas are divided with each turn of thought, that’s really nicely done. Really feel like you’re sharing a message with us. Nice work. 🙂

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