just a few more days
and it’s time to give some thanks
well officially

time for turkey and
cranberry sauce and stuffing
and lots of gravy

is how people do it right?

pour it on and give
me more of everything and
then i need a rest

mashed potatoes and
sweet potato casserole
and mac and cheese please

there’s no italian?

they say that turkey
has tryptophan and that makes
you drowsy and sleep

but so does eating
six-thousand calories in
only one sitting.



18 thoughts on “TRYPTOPHAN

  1. As our bellies grow, our heart’s swell with love. We give thanks to the people we have met, the people we know, and the ones we will meet. We laugh, we dance, we enjoy our past, present, and future!!!!

  2. I think the “tryptophan” theory has been disproven in favor of what you suggested – carb heavy bloat and sitting around. Either way, I”m thankful for it! And Thanksgiving leftovers are the best!

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