i’m out of practice
and that’s not good cause i need
the exercise

this means nothing and
i’m only doing it to
get the practice of

stretching myself and
my imagination and
writer chops too

this ain’t no haiku
nor a poem for all to hear
nor a cry for help

it’s five seven five
otherwise called senryu
and works out my brain

gives my step it’s skip
and makes my heart soar with joy
or maybe something

else hard to explain
but i need my daily dose
just to flap my jaw.


19 thoughts on “NO HAIKU

  1. Fuck, there’s rhyming patterns in poetry? Like someone couldn’t have told me that before? Thanks a fucking lot. Anyway Pete, I respectfully urge you to have a full week of writing nothing but haikus. It will be your best week over. If you are going to do this, please note that I am not going to read any of them, although I may print out a few copies so that I can burn them. Long live the haiku! Burn in hell!

  2. Thanx for “Senryu” – (Thirty-six Years Emoting – ‘Personal Nature’)!  How Great to learn there’s a name for what I’ve been doing! (Plus, I was told that writing HAIKU ‘saved the sanity’ of a person in NYC who experienced 9/11; I feel it also ‘saved my life’ when I was introduced to it. At that time, I was newly single again, new in town, with no friends & no job – I literally wrote page-after-page, hour-after hour).


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  5. I see too many people claiming to write Haiku’s when they’re actually Senryu’s. It bugs me every time. So glad to have this picture here.

  6. I don’t follow the 5-7-5 scheme, which I’m sure some would argue means I’m not writing “haiku” or “senryu” but I have my reasons. The form itself has been translated so…. This is a great clarification for people. Love the chart. I actually tag my senryu “haiku” anyway….I’m still working on my “Haiku” form page as I go, but you might find it interesting.

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