Everything I said fell flat
Everything I did you were unawares
All the things I tried I tried alone
Everything I said fell flat

That strange look in your eyes
The last time that we spoke
You were off someplace else
Was I over your head?
What I said you looked blank
Do you like feeling awkward?

Fell flat
That’s where it’s at
Fell flat
Enough about that.


7 thoughts on “FELL FLAT

    • Such a waste of time. Yes, someone else haha The problem with my being what I think is an exceptional listener is can become like a drug for people and they won’t stop talking. And listening occassionally. What’s your number? haha

      • I have the SAME problem. I listen.. listen…listen… i don’t mind, I like hearing what people have to say, but I think it’s funny when I try to say something and almost literally the other person will basically say, “That’s nice for you, now back to me.” I keep telling you to come to Portland. I’ll show you Powells City Books. The best book store in the country.

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