Oh, Sylvia Poggoli
You’re so sultry and sexy
When I hear your voice
I get weak

Sylvia, Sylvia
Forever I sit
And wait by my radio
For you to come on
Then I start to daydream
It’s you on my mind
Who are you?
Where are you?
And what do you even look like?
If only I knew

I’m sure you’re more beautiful than I imagine

When I hear you
Oh, Sylvia
I stop in my tracks
You excite me
An enchantress
Are you from here?
Or over there?
Must be Italy
Or somewhere else equally glamorous and continental

Oh, Sylvia
Ruby-throated and resonate
And smokin hot!
That’s why I sit here
With my ear to the radio
My face going flush
When you talk

And I know more about Berlusconi than I should

You’ve won my heart
Right from the start
It’s all you do
You know it’s true
So here’s to you
Oh, Sylvia


17 thoughts on “OH, SYLVIA

  1. hahaha. Incredible has she read this? I have a lot of crushes like this. I think it may be creepy if I can’t find the right tone to express my thoughts. But you nailed it Pete. Good job.

  2. Oh, I like that – So Romantic - So Imaginative!!! (Also, I like your single line for emphasis, following your great ‘musical’ lines).


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