It’s 5am. Tomorrow at this time it’ll be 4am. That’ll be the new “real time”, you know the whole spring ahead, fall behind thing? No need to poke holes or analyze that whole concept really, I mean it is what it is. Man toying with nature. I do welcome it getting light out earlier though, if only for a few short weeks, as being an insomniac of the sort who wakes up too early (it is a form of insomnia THEY say). this whole waiting in the morning til 7:45ish for any sign of light gets old real quick. And this time of year the only having light til early evening with the hours of daylight becoming scarce messes with my internal clock.

Too many dark hours.

Ten hours and twenty minutes of daytime isn’t enough for me. I’m much more agreeable on the summer solstice with those fifteen hours of  daytime.  Sunset at 9:30!  Works for me.

Does it for you?

So summer’s definitely gone. Fall is moving along steadily, and between now and the end of December, I’ll start counting the days until the winter solstice. We do have holidays and some hoopla between now and then but for me the solstice is when I celebrate the start of the new year. “Astrally”, you know. The end of the North Pole moving away from the sun and our hemisphere plunging into cold and darkness is worth celebrating.

Right Sweden?

It’s my healthy, wealthy and wise disposition. It seems to lie dormant between now and then, well let me rephrase: I don’t have much patience for much this time of year. It’s the hibernation thing, ya know? It’s primal. But folks are happy enough about “gaining” an hour this weekend cause they’re so “busy” blah blah bahhh and they have an ongoing interest in  “sleeping in” for whatever reason. I don’t need the extra hour.

But do like the earlier sunrise.

Yeh so I have a fantasy where I can live anywhere I want at anytime (maybe like a flying/travel fantasy) and this is about the time of year I’d be long gone already, to either Buenos Aires and the Pampas of South America or Johannesburg. Or French Polynesia. I haven’t decided yet and there are lots more places on the list and it changes from day-to-day too, so it could be anywhere I want at any given moment.  Hey I can fly/travel fantasy however I want, right? But in those places we’d be approaching the spring equinox, and that’s when my healthy, wealthy and wise kicks into high gear. In my fly/travel fantasy I’d live the next six months in the spring and summer there, absorbing the culture and people and taking in new landscapes and food and learning new languages and history and having unforgettable adventures. With lots of swimming under the hot sun of course. If all goes according to my fly/travel fantasy plans, I’d MAYBE get back here by next April or May. See ya then.

In my fantasy I always cast myself as the romantic and worldly roamer and trekker extraordinaire of the universe.

That’s how it goes. But for now I’ll be satisfied enough here in my house with the artificial lights on and the heat pump cranking it out, and diligently wait the next damn two hours til sun up. It’s time to light a fire. And to start the countdown of the fifty something more nights til the days start getting longer.


9 thoughts on “ASTRALLY

  1. You want to know what’s really weird, Pete? The UK pushed their clocks back last week, so there’s been a whole week of extra time between our continents… how crazy is that?! I’m very thankful for the extra, earlier, light. I understand why people succumb to that SAD condition. It’s hard when there’s so much darkness. Stornoway’s pretty bad for that, but I’ve no idea how Scandinavia cope. It was bad enough for us in STY in summer – the darkest the sky gets is a deep blue, there’s no real sense of nighttime darkness. Very strange. 🙂

    • Yeh the whole messin with time thing pisses me off! I can’t imagine being in Scandinavia, I’ve read and heard so much about what that’s like with no light. I imagine the too many hours of daylight is quite trippy too! 🙂

  2. We’re adjusting the clocks tonight… So you have a traveller’s soul eh, Pete? Good on you. I got three kids that make it hard to travel much but I’m with you on your fantasy. So much to see, and not that much time.

  3. Where I live, hibernation is the start of May and lasts through September. We’re emerging into the sunlight here, just in time to have less of it (sun).Stay warm.

      • You’d miss great weather between November and March if you hibernated here. It’s finally beautiful outside. I wait so long for it, after such hellish hot days from May through October. I’ll be writing my blog out on my porch now. Yipee!

      • I don’t like cold and dark. I lived in Los Angeles and the winter was too cold and dark. I really ought to move to Yuma, where it’s hot as hell! 🙂

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