I could moan and could groan
And could fuss and could fight
But I won’t

I could rant and complain
About suffering and pain
But I can’t

There’s no outlet I’ve learned in this life
But to grin and to bear all the strife

I could grumble and whimper
And fret and accuse
In a world that’s betrayed me
I’m broken and bruised

I could sit feeling crappy
And spent and unhappy
Or just make it snappy
Take a nappy
No more scrappy.


17 thoughts on “SCRAPPY

  1. A man after my own heart. I think I’ll take a nap under my desk actually, but first will sip on a bottle of scotch to smooth the way. Well done Pete.

  2. Those ‘nappies’ can sometimes be a real solution, can’t they?! – I like you great assortment of adjectives – And, when they’re rhymed, I’m even more impressed.


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