If you were made King (or Queen) of the World and were asked to choose between either the 195,000 acres that make up NYC, or195,000 acres of empty and undeveloped land containing forests, mountains, rivers, desert, plains and maybe even some ocean, and all that comes along with each, which would you choose? And why?

By the way, that’s 8.5 billion square feet.

I’m wondering as in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I’m hearing lots of reporting on the destruction left in its wake and the stories are mostly regarding economic impact and insurance issues and loss, being that the storm hit some “of the most valuable parts” of the country is how one reporter put it. And that got me curious. It goes without saying we’d have an awfully hectic and breakneck lifestyle and pressing priorities out the yin-yang associated with choosing the NYC acreage, no?  I mean in order to protect its value?

But would you go for that particular 195,000 acres or would you prefer the empty and undeveloped land? And why?

If you do choose New York City I wish you the best of luck with its stewardship, it’s quite the behemoth.  But other than maybe a lean-to, I plan on doing nothing with mine.



13 thoughts on “VALUE

  1. I would certainly choose the 195 000 acres of wilderness. And I would also do nothing with it other than of course, to explore it.

    Because while I’m sure New York has its beauty, it couldn’t possibly compare the natural beauty of the undiscovered.

  2. I would choose to flatten New York and let the people build it up by their hands. People have forgotten to appreciate what they have and have gotten too comfortable in their current, luxurious lifestyles. Money, power and luxury does not build character, creating something out of nothing does.

  3. Yes! Love this! I take exception with the reporter’s description of the city. Most expensive part of the country? Sure. Most valuable? Not even close.

    • Yeh it was silly and purely meaning from an economic sense as in having limited economic activity would decrease from the value and financial contribution. So if I lived in Hooterville, NM, population 1 (that’s me) that land would be less “valuable” than NYC. Get it together people we’re all the same! 🙂

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