let’s take a trip
go down the shore
can’t take these mountains
i want the beach
and warm sunshine
to see the ocean
and coastline

let’s go down the shore!

and hit the boardwalk
you and me
eat funnel cake
happy we’ll be
do you play skeeball?
it’s my game
you win or lose
it’s never lame

i really wanna go down the shore!

and smell the sand
the salt the air
no trouble here
without a care
some people watching
different styles
when you come here
forget your trials

when were you last down the shore?

the ferris wheel
look at the smiles
on every face
i love this place!
skin lily white
not anymore
not after we
go down the shore.


11 thoughts on “DOWN THE SHORE

  1. Got lots of shoreline where I live. It’s on three sides. Heh. Come on down, it’s beauty here now. And, it’s been a long time coming. Lovely poem, Pete.

  2. It’s interesting to see just how/in what form you’ll place your ‘inviting’ words. Nice job, (but, claustrophobic picture)!

    Confession: (Before we leave the month of October)! I feel I wasn’t ‘straight’ with you about, this summer, about ‘not getting in the water’ – I had 3 tick bites &, a bunch of mosquito bites. So, in my mind, I was ‘holding out’ for Rappahannock, however, that didn’t happen, did it… So, sorry I wasn’t ‘upfront’ sooner.


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